About Us

The center was founded in 2007 in Bitola as a nongovernmental, nonpartisan and nonprofit organization. The mission of the center is to promote new habits for a healthy life and new healthcare landscape which include food security and crop nutrition and alternative medicine as part of scientific thought and application.

By hiring a world-renowned scientific experts in their fields, the center strives for strong science and quality of life has brought into our environment. In the center through education of selected parts of food safety starting from Production, quality control and relevance to human health presented the highest environmentally sustainable standards, constant and centered focus to overall human life in all aspects.

Center for Education and received a new paradigm of a healthy lifestyle based on green multidimensional model for health care that provides integration of several areas of science.

Our collective goal is to promote healthy and safe nutrition standards for food production and to alleviate the suffering experienced by the people, by encouraging people and their family members to act to maintain their own health and wellbeing.