The center is formed on 21.12.2007, firstly as a part of the Macedonian scientific society – Bitola, with a starting mission to start a continuous education to the adults for safety and quality of food (coursing them in implementing systems for safety and quality of food like HACCP, ISO 9001 – 2000 ISO 22000) and with the implementation of these systems, also creating elaborates with different operators for food in R. Macedonia and R. Serbia. The courses are done with intensive educational presentations of 30 school hours and latter 40 during 6 work days, with the hire of firstly 7 specialists in the field of safety and quality of food in: Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Stip, Presevo, Bujanovac and Osijek. Since year 2012 these courses have trained around 300 candidates with previously finished high education (faculty graduates in different faculties and schools compatible in this field: bio technicians, vets, high medical school, agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, dental, chemical, technological, technical-technological atc).

In year 2012, the center separated from the Macedonian scientific society, registering itself as a, non-profit, non-political and non-government organization of citizens, starting with a new complementary program for coursing in the field of nutrition. Firstly we hired 15 specialists in this field from 5 countries in the world, whose number continuously grew and today the list of hired presenter-specialists are around 55 from 8 countries in the world (Macedonia, USA, Brasil, Austrilia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Bulgaria). The coursing is done in many Balkan and world languages without the need of translation (Macedonian, Croatian , Serbian , Bosnian, Bulgarian or English). According to the maternal language of the teachers its started to be used with the method , “education of distance” and the course is done with the presence of the teacher or online via Skype (conferential work for candidates who live away from Bitola).

After the coursing the candidates have the opportunity to choose between doing a 100 question test in the field of safety of food, or nutrition and after a successful passing they acquire a bilingual certificate (Macedonian and English language), which is used as domestic or international.. For the successful preparation of the test, the candidates receive printed material or electronically of 1500 pages in total. Large number of the educated candidates, easily are able to get employed, or are already employed in various operators around the country or abroad. Until now there are more than 100 topics presented in the field of safety and nutritional quality of food, which are going to be published at the start of year 2016 in a special collection of work in international coursing, which will be used as a practical helper in the certificated consultants in their everyday practice

Today the society counts around 350 members, from different placed of the country or abroad, from which around 100 are active co-workers in the center as implementers and auditors of systems for safety of food or as consultants in the field of nutrition.

 As a decision of the main court of the Center a special department is formed for alternative medicine, which in 2016 will start to course candidates interested in various disciplines of the unconventional medical sciences with the hire of many specialists from the country or abroad (Italy, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Germany and R. Serbia). With this move the main court confirmed the high applicative capacities of the Center with a continuous development and confirmed perspective in the period following and on the field of standard education of adults, which is popular in the modern time in all economically developed countries in the World.