Elisabetha Casitovska

Surname(s) / First name(s) Untitled

Mirka Ginova 5/13- 7 000 Bitola, R. Macedonia

At home
Cell +389.

betycasitovska@yahoo.fr // casitovskaelisa@yahoo.fr

Macedonian and French

Date of birth,place
08.08.1967 (Besanзon, France)


Driving licence

Occupational field
Since 2015 February up to now : Responsible for Quality and Food Safety in a collective restaurant  
DOOEL Mario Mateo Bitola, in factory Kromberg and Schubert- industry area ZABENI-Bitola
Work experience

Since November 2007 up to now
Occupation or position held
Secretary and Consultant for small and medium enterprises, sector
quality and food safety in the Center for training and application of Quality and Food Safety systems,
Bitola with contract work
Application Quality and Food Safety systems

November 2007-June 2011 Secretary and project assistant

Main activities and responsibilities
Administrator in the Macedonian Scientific Society and Secretary and
consultant in the Center for training and application of food safety and food quality systems,
Name and address of employer
Macedonian Scientific Society-Bitola. str. Leninova BB 7000 Bitola, R. Macedonia
Citizens Association as a nongovernmental (NGO) and nonprofit organization
Occupation or position held
Secretary and animator, on part time, Alliance Franзaise-Bitola

Up Mart 1998 to November 2007 at Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences Bitola, Partizanska BB- 7000 Bitola-Macedonia

Occupation or position held

Secretary, translator and project assistant in part time and with contract work in TEMPUS OFFICE for
International Relations at the Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences-Bitola-Macedonia

January 1995-June 1995 , February 1991-june 1992
Employed by Nurse, Polyclinique “Les Cigognes” Besancon-France

Formal Education and training

–Graduation from a secondary Technologique F8 (june 1986)- Baccalaurйat de Technologie Mйdical,
Medical Secretary, Secondary school Louis Pergaud-Besancon-France
Title of qualification awarded
Bachelor d’Etat d’Infirmiиre-Dole-France (juin 1990)/ Infirmiиre Diplфmйe d’Etat / Nurse graduate of State

Unformal Education and training
Name and type of organisation providing organisation and training

-2015, September, Speaker in 10-th course in field in Nutrition
-2015, April, Speaker in 9-th course in field in Nutrition
-2015, January, Speaker in 8-th course in field in Nutrition
-2014, September, Speaker in 7-th course in field of Nutrition
-2014, March-april, Speaker in 6-th course in field of Nutrition
-2014, January, Speaker in 5-th course in field of Nutrition
-2013, October, Speaker in 4-th course in field of Nutrition
-2013, April, Speaker in 3-rd course in field of Nutrition
-2012, December, Speaker in 2-nd course in field of Nutrition
-2012, September, Speaker in 1-st course in field of Nutrition

Personal skills and competences

-Team and individual works ; communication competences
-independant work as a consultant and implementator in HACCP (Quality and Food Safety systems) ;
-Organizational skills in national and international projects
-organisation courses in field of nutrition and speaker in field of nutrition — continuing education in the context of my work
-Sports activities hiking. ski, swimming, kayaking
-Reading, Breeding snails in farm

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