We are entering a new era, an era in which many people will enjoy the healthiest diet, an era in which increasingly take responsibility for their own health because we perceive that the only way you can achieve a life of health and full energy. The akcent, the enjoyment of products that promote health and which play an important role in maintaining the maximum functionality of our body and mind. Today we know that health, achieving an ideal body weight and vital old age are not due to pure luck.

In fact, whenever we eat, we can optimize their genetic potential for health. We know that message sends a product so that we can immediately start with the release of their genetic potential for optimal health. All over in the world will be given to nutrition as an alternative treatment. Nutrition courses visit nurses, physiotherapists and doctors. The purpose of this our presentation is to show the role of healthy food and its place in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. There is about 100 products from so many who may not be available in every continent and every citizen, are not exotic and difficult available, but are found in our environment. These products fill the body have a hundred percent with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that every day we need while and tasty. Reasearch studies confirm that a diet composed of rich nutrients is the best way to achieve optimal health and reducing the risk of disease. Products are evaluated integrally and selectively.


Thus, it is known that chard which has a lot of calcium is beneficial for bones, omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flax seeds to promote skin health, tomatoes rich in lycopene promote the health of the male reproductive organ, alukot maintain normal level holesterol. We think that there are over 40,000 phytonutrients that have a potential synergistic effect to promote health. Although not yet know their specific functions (but 100 years ago, no one knew us function of vitamins), we know that if we include in the diet will have benefits from them.

Perhaps the secret to shiny health and energy, our noses but we did not touch them because ignorance or because the mass media have made such an invasion of information we changed our traditional scheme food.In case, the traditional diet in some people leads the occurrence of some diseases more common among them. Thus, the people on the coast of the Caspian Sea which consumes cereals containing one glivichka, all suffer from osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease of the joints of palms . Another, however, a group of people who live on an isolated island in Central America, consume cocoa larger size, among them high blood pressure occurs.

Chronic diseases that go huge material means to treat the complications of them are subject to research in today’s study, as in the diet to reduce the risk of these complications, as is exemplified by osteoporosis where 20% of patients suffering from it because unhealthy food.So research kozhurkata almond proved that it contains flavonoids which together with vitamin E, the fleshy part it doubled antioxidative action .Sunflower, however, of this flavonoid apricot has even greater concentration, and the market is found in commercialized packing.This combination of almond increases the oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol) by 18% to 52% than if taking vitamin E in isolation.

Nutrients that protect against cardiovascular disease

Before we begin with the application of substances that prevent cardiovascular disease, should stop using all substances that lead to their increase and engage dosed physical activity. Studies have shown that mortality from coronary heart disease significantly reduced if imported integrated products.According a record from British Medical Journal dietary meal with extra fruit or vegetables reduces the risk of heart disease 4%. In women who still postmenopausal ate 10 pieces of fruit daily danger of heart attacks decreased by 40%.

In the consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes, olive oil, nuts and seeds, or reduced intake of saturated fatty acids in a period of 27 months reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 70% .In the US is made from a combination 10 extracts from plants that treat high blood pressure, and they are commercialized for widespread use validated scientific studies.Products as oats, legumes and nuts, which are rich in soluble fiber significantly reduces bad cholesterol not only painful but also personal.Solublein healthy fiber legumes reduce triglyceride levels, because they have and potassium and magnesium also reduces blood pressure.The food rich herbal products rich in arginine, an essential amino acid that our bodies use in creating nitric oxide, which acts vasodilator. The same principle works and cocoa.

Nutrients that protect against cancer-malignant diseases

According to a study that examined Revue 200 research has found that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer. These foods rich in vitamins and phytonutrients.

Folic acid has Lisen in green vegetables, prevent colon cancer.
Broccoli and products of its group, kale, cabbage, contain glikozinolati that encourage manufacturing of enzymes responsible for detoxifying the body from carcinogens.
Blueberries contain anthocyanins strengths that have the ability to penetrate into the cell membranes and protect with his antiokcidativno action inflammation reduce and prevent damage to the DNA molecule.
It said the positive effect of large consumption of tomatoes and reduced risk of prostate cancer.

Nutrients that protect against diabetes-diabetes


Foods rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants reduces damage from high levels of glucose in the blood. Controlled levels of glucose in the blood and prevents the occurrence of cholesterol in the blood. It is important to maintain this diet pyramid with the obligatory participation of whole grains.

General Advice

Do not eat foods high in sugar and saturated fatty acids, but a combination of whole grains fruits and vegetables in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases and rakot.The right intake of certain substances to be beneficial not only been proven with studies if we begin to deal with the nutrition you need to make a detailed examination of the eating habits of the person.

Treatment would consist of data entry to the diet and the types of products
Clinical examination TT, TV, BMI,
Clinical examination of the development of the body,
Laboratory trials
Ergometriski and spirometric tests
Defining health problems;
Program entry in most grocery period of 3-6 months.
The place of nutrition in health system

The fact that nutrition dealing with health care professionals, although grouped into CAM and the increasing interest of the people, and the introduction as a subject in medical occupations, gives importance to the fact that is important in the modern way of health care. Elevated body weight, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and malignant diseases are on the rise. According to one document from the US 60% of the population was elevated TT. All these diseases are partially a result of improper diet, rich in refined sugar, refined grains and trans acids.

These products lead to the development of disease and premature aging, namely the deposition of their metabolites in cells causes apoptosis-collapse of the cell. They offer no nutrients required for the body for optimum function (because it does not lead us to optimal weight loss) and they can simultaneously threaten health: refined sugar leads to reduced immune function, refined grains leads to increased blood glucose and fat to the emergence of harmful cholesterol and heart disease.

Act as integrated products in regulating body weight?

Integrated products contain a lot of fiber such as legumes, they create a feeling of satiety, which is one of the methods for weight loss. Have low glycemic index, it stable level of blood sugar. Luke who consume olive oil and nuts look slimmer.


Which are products with a low glycemic index?

If you have a balanced level of blood sugar will not be exposed to hypoglycaemic episodes that will pounce on food only restore energy and sugar to repay normal. If sugar level does not vary then needs insulin will be in balance. Glycemic index is level with which a particular food raises blood glucose levels.

Today, with advanced technology and with the ability to peek into the body, and the cells themselves, much better we can understand how fed vitamins, minerals and other nutrients mater. They just discovered new findings also help us realize how insufficient intake of nutrients may result in a decline in energy, early aging and even disease. We can also see how our food choices can affect our health today and in the future.

Epidemiological studies have found that people in their diet which is based on large quantities of certain products was threatened with a disease or not threatened if the food is healthy. As an example of a healthy diet stating Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts plodovi. As a example of unhealthy food states that food consumed in the United States, it’s junk food with low nutritional products in which TT it is increased and the number of diseases that follow it. Low quality foods high in additives and foods with a proven harmful effect, unfortunately, consumed in developed countries and rural.

Awareness of the positive effect is present throughout history

Although from near past course cell nutrition, man has always been aware of the positive effect of food on health. Realizing that food maintains good health dates back to Hippocrates (doctors philosopher of ancient Greece). He said a quote ,, let food be your medicine. “


The views of ancient medicine to modern findings of molecular biology is a clear view that products rich in nutrients play a leading role in maintaining the health and vitality.

Date education team in the CSC (TIC) and give its contribution to health in every aspect.